Integra Methodology
We Are Using The Trusted Methodology that depend on the information Engineering which Is executed by designer 2000, Integra system methodologies Are developed through the following steps

Strategy :
In Integra We use Methodology Called CDM (Custom Development method) available with oracle as well as we use a project management tool to manage all the system In this phase we will get the process model of the system .

Analysis :
By using the software engineering tools we are going to put the entity relationship diagram ( ERD ) , data flow diagram ( DFD ) and function hierarchy diagram ( FHD) .

Design : In this phase, we are going to get the preliminary design of the system using the designer editor tool.

Build : Now, we are ready to create the database of the system, and we will generate all tables and its relationships between them. All the details of the database, tables and columns are stored here in this phase.

Documentation :
Create user and reference materials for the ongoing Use And maintenance of the system.

Testing :Build And conduct quality , functional , and business testing .

Training :
Train the people on using, administrating and maintaining the system .

Transition :
Migrate the company people, and system to the new Environment .

Support the user, monitor progress and plan for Enhancements .