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1- Account System
The system Includes the following modules:

General Ledger
Genral ledger is the heart of accounting system. It is the central repository of all subledger activity, maintaing the highest summary level of financial information from the transactional details supplied by its subledgers. Integra General ledger is a comprehensive financial management solution that enhance financial controls, data collection, and financial reporting throughout the enterprise. Integra Genral ledger enables rapi implementation, easy adoption from legacy systems, accurate and timely transaction processing, improved enterprise decsion support, and increase operational effeciency with quick closing procedures.

Double Entry Accounting
Double entry accounting requires constant symmetry; total debit must equal total credits. Every accounting transaction result in one or more debit and credits that always remain in balance.

Account and Period
You can enter transactions only in an open period. Many times, several periods are open at once to allow for prior period transactions and future period transactions. Once you know that you no longer need to keep the period transactions, you should close the period to prevent accidental enteries into the period.

Auditing and Security
Integra Genral ledger maintain an audit trail for every transaction to allow you to go back to the original entry for purposes of reconciliation and auditing. This audit trail helps accountants validate their reports and ensure data security.

Journal Entry
Journal can be entered into Integra General ledger usaing various methods: manual entry, subledger entry using journal import interface and spreadsheet entry.

After importing your Journal, you can post them in Integra general ledger to update the account balance. You can automate your posting process by scheduling the automatic posting program to periodically select and post batches.

Chart Of Accounts
Integra General ledger allows you to define chart of account as desired all within a single installation of the products.

The Closing Schedule
At the end of an accounting period, all companies go through a closing process to close the period and produce final financial reports. These reports are considered final because once the period is closed the figures for that period can no longer be changed.

Financial Reports
The trial balance ensures that total debit equal total credits. This is the basis of the doubly\e entry bookeeping system. It tells you whether or not your accounts balance.

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