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Inventory Management
An Integra Inventory system provide physical management of a company's stock until it is either used up or sold. It also performs logical, cataloging function. This stock is referred to by its item number and has many attributes that affect the transactions that the modules can process against the item.

The stock management is unique to Integra Inventory, as it manages physical instances of items that are available for sale, distribution or internal consumption. Integra Inventory's on hand balance is increased when an item is bought or made. Inventory relinquishes control and decrease its balance when items are sold or put to their final use within the company.

Integra Inventory includes powerful tools for helping users cope with large numbers of items and transactions. Item templates, catalogs, categories, manufacture's part numbers, customer part numbers all makes it easier to locate items of interest and to deal with group of items at one time.

Sample of the system:

Inventory Management Sample

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