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The Purchasing System

Integra Purpose is usually considered the first phase in the supply chain cycle. Its major functions are sourcing, requisitioning, purchasing and recieving. The strength of the process lies in supporting operational rather than management decions. Integra Purchasing handles all acquistion activity within a company (goods and services , raw material, ....). It captures task and accounting information that will need downstream by project accounting, fixed assets, payables, and eventually the general ledger. People and systems throughout the company use requistions to tell the purchasing departement what they need. Purchasing orders the requistioned goods from suppliers and recieving accepts delivery of items and deliver them internally to the reqisitioner or stocks the item in inventory.
Integra Purchasing improves all aspects of the process of acquiring goods and services. It manages what to buy through its links with inventory. Inventory maintains the definitions of purchasable items and services in determining when and in what quatities to replenish stock items.
Integra Purchasing can manage complex solicitions and awards. It can use sophisticated sourcing rules to automatically select a vendor for each purchase.

sample of the system

Purchasing Sample

Purchasing Order

The Vendor data

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